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  • Chris Warner holds the Shortland Street Paternity Record as being the biological father of 6 children. Carrie's triplets, Alison Raynor's son, Phoenix, Toni's son, Harry and most recently to Grace Kwan, Trinity. On top of this, Toni also fell pregnant with the extremely fertile Chris' child after their fling in Fiji at the end of 2004. Chris stuck by Toni, only for her to miscarry their son, James, at 5 months, and they buried him in April 2005.                                                                                                                                                                        
  • Johnny Marinovich is the only character to father 2 children in the same year. Early in 1998, Isobel Kearney gave birth to Johnny's son, Bradley, though at the time Johnny didn't realise he was Bradley's father, as he and Isobel were no longer dating and he was married to Tiffany. Later in the year, a pregnant Tiffany falls from a building whilst trying to convince a troubled man not to commit suicide. The injuries were fatal, but Tiffany was kept on life support until her pregnancy went full term. 31st July the pregnancy was delivered and Johnny's second child of the year, Maria Marinovich was born.
Date Name Mother Father Notes
25th May 1992 Unnamed Girl Lisa Stanton Darryl Neilson When Darryl denied paternity, his brother, Stuart claimed to be the father, but the truth came out during the pilot episode
11th.October.1993. Frank.Burton, Finbar.Burton & Sarah.Burton Carrie Burton Chris Warner Conceived through sperm donation, meaning there were initially 3 possible biological fathers, though later confirmed to be Chris.
1995 Lucy Derby Ramona Derby Tim Cunningham  
24th October 1995 Tuesday Warner Carmen Roberts Guy Warner Her mother, Carmen, passed away just 2 months after she was born due to a brain aneurysm after an accident at the clinic, leaving Guy to bring her up on his own.
2nd September 1996 Phoenix Raynor Alison Raynor Chris Warner Chris only learns of his son Phoenix's existence in August 2010 after Phoenix's mother, Alison, drowns and his uncle, Brian Raynor introduces him to Chris.
13th June 1997 Rose Crozier-Kearney Ellen Crozier David Kearney Died in 1997 due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
1998 Bradley Kearney Isobel Kearney Johnny Marinovich  
31 July 1998 Maria.Marinovich Tiffany Marinovich Johnny Marinovich Born through C-Section whilst her mother, Tiffany was kept on life-support until her pregnancy was full term after a fatal fall
14 December 2000 Lucas Harrison Angela Weaver Nick Harrison His mother, Angela, decided to hold off on cancer treatment until he was born, resulting in her passing away shortly after his birth
14th May 2002 Harry Warner Toni Thompson Chris Warner The only character to have remained a consistent on screen character from moment of birth through to the present. With the exception of 6 months in 2007 when his mother Toni ran away with him, his cousin Tuesday and his uncle Guy.
29th April 2003 Te.Ngakau.Hudson. Shannon Te Ngaru Tama.Hudson. Died soon after birth of blood poisoning from Streptococcus B
23 June 2004 Tina-Anne Harrison Waverley Harrison Nick.Harrison Born on Shortland Street's 3000th episode
25th May 2005 Rangimarie Hudson Shannon Hudson Tama Hudson Actress who played Shannon was actually pregnant and so the baby was written into the storyline. She used her own baby daughter to play Rangimarie.
8th October 2007 Jay Jeffries Maia Jeffries Mark Weston Conceived via sperm donation from Mark Weston who was married to Maia's sister, Tania, at the time, and the conception happened behind Tania's back.
5th September 2008 Kelly Piper Alice Piper Craig Valentine or Guy Warner Craig's death provoked premature labour, causing Kelly to pass away from renal failure shortly after birth
3rd June 2009 Catherine, Elizabeth & William Watson Morgan Braithwaite.(Surrogate) Cindy Watson.(Biological) Trent Watson (Biological) Morgan chose to be a surrogate for her friends after they miscarried, however she decided to keep the triplets along with husband Gerald, after fearing Cindy and Trent weren't up for parenthood and started a custody battle. However she eventually agreed Cindy and Trent are the true parents after giving birth
18th July 2011 Matilda Mareikura Potts (Tillie) Sarah Potts TK Samuels Born in a ditch on TK's wedding day with the assistance of TK's nemesis, Owen Sutherland.
25th June 2012 Adam Vailalo Ula Levi Tom Stanton Ula had Adam adopted out shortly after birth. She tried to win him back a year later after learning his new parents had separated, however she soon realised that he was their son now and let it go.
1st October 2014 Trinity Kwan Grace Kwan Chris Warner Born in Fiji under the pretense that Grace had miscarried several months beforehand
11th December 2014 Pele Kruse Nicole Miller Vinnie Kruse Nicole had a seizure directly after childbirth from which she suffered a severe brain injury and was comatosed for several weeks