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Daniel Potts

Jarred Blakiston, 2004-2007

Ido Drent, 2009-2012

2004-2005, 2007, 2009-2012


Sarah Potts was delighted upon her arrival to Ferndale that she could be closer to her brother, Daniel, but it was shockingly revealed to Craig Valentine that Daniel was in reality, her illegitimate son. Daniel struggled with the news and when he moved in with Sarah, clashed with her partner, Andrew. In 2005 Daniel finally met his dad Tim and after Tim's initial hesitation, the two grew close. Despite Sarah's reluctance, Daniel eventually went to live with his father in Samoa. He returned in 2007 for Sarah's wedding to TK but got into trouble when he stole Sarah's car.

Daniel returned in 2009, and befriended Sophie McKay and head boy, Orlando Gunn. However Daniel was reckless and took things too far at a house party, where he tied up the owner of the house, forcing alcohol down him and taunting him until he had a heart attack and needed taking to ED. Daniel started dating Sophie McKay, initially to make Orlando jealous, but later realised he really liked her. Daniel continued with his reckless behaviour, when he started illegally selling MP3 players for a large profit, however when he roped his friend, Ryan Smith-Reynolds into driving up in TK's car to sell a big chunk of the players, Ryan crashes the car during his drive back, leaving him in a coma, with poor chance of recovery. 

When Sarah and TK find out about Daniel's behaviour, they agree to send him to boot camp, where he ends up in a group with Tupac Evans. Whilst in boot camp, Daniel hears the news that Ryan had passed away. Upon returning from bootcamp, Tupac comes to stay with them, and TK teaches Daniel and Tupac how to box, as a way of controlling their anger. However, Tupac gets Daniel involved in illegal street fighting, causing Daniel to almost get beaten to death. After Sophie begins dating Kieran Mitchell behind Daniel's back, Sophie eventually breaks up with Daniel, and he later finds out about the two's relationship, asking Tupac to beat Kieran up, however Daniel backs out from the idea at the last minute, and when he tries to catch Tupac to stop him, he finds a beaten Kieran regaining consciousness, and Kieran assumes it was Daniel who hit him, causing Daniel to narrowly escape being arrested.


In 2010, Daniel starts dating vegetarian waitress, Loren Fitzpatrick. In a bid to win an orderly job at the hospital, Daniel agrees to set up a website for Sarah for the PCC, however when Loren gets the opportunity, she adds in loads of links slating pharmecautical companies which sponsor the PCC, Sarah then agrees to pay Daniel for the website, on the understanding there are no more mishaps. Loren's father, Reuben, casts Daniel to perform in his production of the Importance of Being Earnest, which Loren was also cast in. The pair take their relationship slowly initially but after the play they begin sleeping together. Unfortunately, one night they use one of the condom's from TK's drawer, which Brooke had pierced to get herself pregnant, causing Loren to fall pregnant. The couple initially agree to keep the baby, however Daniel is fired as an orderly after helping Nicole by hacking into the administrative computer system H.E.L.G.A. Loren later realises that an abortion is the right decision for her, and despite Daniel disagreeing with the decision, Sarah chooses to support Loren through the abortion, and Daniel and Sarah fall out over it, causing Daniel to move in with TK. Daniel is later offered an IT position in Indonesia, and TK drives him to the airport before he can say goodbye to Sarah. However, his passport expires, and he is unable to get on the flight. Daniel squats at Hunter and Brodie's flat for a few days, but when Hunter kicks hikm out for being a slob, Daniel is forced to reconcile with his mother. Daniel later sorts out his passport, and after offering support and advice to Maxwell's daughter Ula when she visits, Daniel flies off to Indonesia to start his new job.


A few months later Sarah receives a call to say that Daniel had been injured in Indonesia, and TK contributes to costs to get Daniel transferred back to Ferndale. After recovering from his injury, Daniel starts flatting with Hunter and Brodie again and reconciles with a widowed Sophie McKay, and the two fall in love, however when Sophie receives the opportunity to travel the world, she tells Daniel she wants to travel without him, leaving him in Ferndale. Daniel briefly dates Paige Munroe, however they break up when she sleeps with Hunter. He later offers her support when he discovers the extent of her drug addiction, however she leaves him to go to rehab. Daniel designs and begins to set up a program for the hospital's surgical tourism program, as well as starting a flirtation with new PA, Lana Jacobs, however at the end of the year, he and Jill attempt to stop Hunter from raiding a pharmacy, and Daniel suffers a severe blow to the head, and later requires neurosurgery.


Daniel slowly recovers from his head injury, and Sarah brings in nurse, Zac Smith to become his primary carer. Daniel and Lana finally get together during his recovery, however his memory struggles and mood swings cause several problems in their relationship, and coerced by Sarah, Lana agrees to break up with him, so he can focus on his recovery. Daniel is also unable to complete his surgical tourism program due to his memory problems. After Daniel recovers, he develops a grudge against Lana, which Nicole pushes him to overcome, and after a lucky night at a casino, Daniel wins $1Million, which after attempting to use the money to buy commercial property for him and Lana to use together, which she turns down when she learns his ulterior motives, he eventually decides to spend his money by travelling the world, and leaves Ferndale in September 2012.