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Shortland Street Deaths

       Name        Date      Cause                     Details
Miles Lucas 2 November 1992 Drug Overdose Committed suicide by overdosing on headache pills at Stuart Neilson's birthday party
Sarah Donnelly 24.December.1992. Melanoma Died in the arms of her boyfriend, Steve Mills, at her birthday party on Christmas Eve
Tom Neilson 11 November 1993 Heart Attack. After being presumed dead after disappearing earlier in the year, Tom returns to his family needing a kidney transplant. After the transplant operation, however, Tom dies of a heart attack
Jean-Luc Mafart 25 December 1993 Fell off roof Alison's abusive new husband followed her back to Ferndale and they had an argument on a rooftop, where Alison pushed him off, murdering him. Darryl Neilson helped Alison cover up her crime
Steve Mills 25 March 1994 Car Explosion After an argument with Chris Warner about Carrie's pregnancy they are involved in a car accident which they both survive. But Steve goes back to the crashed car to rescue TP when it explodes, killing both Steve & TP
Talita Aleni (TP) 25 March 1994 Car Explosion Dies in a car explosion after being involved in a crash that killed both her and Steve - their death was witnessed by TP's husband, Sam and Chris Warner
Noel Sturgess 7 June 1994 Heart Attack Majority share holder of the clinic. Had previously been hospitalised from a heart attack in 1992. His death caused a takeover by daughter Hillary.
Darryl Neilson 21 March 1995 Drowning Drowned after falling from the boat 'The Toroa' after attempting to murder Kirsty Knight. His body was missing for a while before he was found
Bruce Warner 16 December 1995 Cancer After his death he left most of his inheritance to Chris, causing upset for his brother Guy and mother Margot - starting off a family feud
Carmen Roberts 25 December 1995 Brain.Hemorrhage. Received a concussion after a madman drove into the clinic. She was sent home but collapsed and died suddenly at "The Toroa" that evening
Bernie Leach 5 April 1996 Bludgeoned After he was knocked out by a candlestick during the earthquake, his wife, Carla, then attacked him with the candlestick, and later switched off his life support machine
Rebecca Frost 26 April 1997 Faulty Heart Valve She previously had a heart valve operation to replace her own heart valve, but the replacement valve was faulty and she later died as a result
Annabelle Lustwick 22 October 1997 Euthanasia After choosing to die after her MS deteriorates, Caroline agrees to assist her suicide - Caroline is arrested for her murder - but later cleared
Rose Crozier-Kearney 3 February 1998 Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Rose died suddenly at 6 months with no real explanation or illness
Tiffany Marinovich 1 August 1998 Fell from Building  Tiffany climbed up the ledge of a high-rise building to talk down a suicidal jumper, where she slipped, falling to her death, she was in a coma until her unborn baby was born and then the life-support was switched off
Michael McKenna 21 January 1999 Heart Attack Michael suffered a heart attack whilst helping his daughter Rachel with possible overtaking of the hospital - he continued to work whilst in a hospital bed and suffered another major heart attack, which killed him
Lionel Skeggins 12 March 1999 Lost at Sea Was swept up by a wave and went missing, presumed drowned, on his wedding day. His body has never been found.
Oscar Henry 7 June 1999 Explosion After faking a coma after MacKenzie Choat tried to kill him, she eventually finished the job by blowing up his hospital room with him inside.
Earl Crombie 1999 Car Accident Died in a drink-driving car accident, devastating his wife and kids
Laura Hall 26 May 2000 Heart Attack Dr Hall died of a heart attack in 2000 
Eamon Dempsey 15 January 2001 Fell off Cliff After an altercation with Kate, whom he'd raped earlier in the year, he ended up off the edge of a cliff with Kate hanging on, however her hand slipped and Eamon fell to his death. Kate later confessed but wasn't charged
Angela Weaver 21 February 2001 Cancer Waited till her son Lucas was born before she underwent treatment, but was too far gone and died shortly after his birth
Rangi Heremaia 9 April 2001 Drug Overdose Rangi was murdered by the husband of Kim, who he'd been having an affair with, but it was staged like a suicide and took some time to uncover
Jack Hewitt 21 January 2002 Hit by Car After kidnapping Rachel McKenna and forcing her into a fake wedding, Chris comes to the rescue and the mentally unstable Jack commits suicide by jumping in front of a car
Margot Warner 24 April 2003 Cancer Margot's death left Chris in full control of the Warner trust fund
Te.Ngakau.Hudson. 2003 Streptococcus B The infection was too severe to treat as the baby hadn't developed a strong enough immune system - Te Ngakau died at 4 months old
Max Henley 27 June 2003 Brain Hemorrhage Had an inoperable brain tumour and died merely minutes after marrying soul mate, Judy Brownlee
Geoff Greenlaw 6 November 2003 Hypothermia Found frozen to death in a chiller at his Dogs Day Inn bar - it was later revealed that he was murdered by Dominic Thompson
Anne Kahu 19 December 2003 Crush Injuries Trapped in a building collapse of one of Rex Treherne's dodgy buildings, died as a result of her injuries
Layla Cornwall 24 May 2004 Hanging Attempted suicide by causing a car accident, but later hung herself in the hospital whilst Jesse was on suicide watch
Rex Treherne 2004 Heart Attack Found by Victor Kahu who wanted to confront him about implicating Victor for Geoff's murder - Victor then became a suspect
Avril Lucich 2 August 2004. Drowning Drowned in a bathtub by Dominic Thompson after he revealed to her he killed Geoff Greenlaw - he confessed months later just before committing suicide
Dominic Thompson 1 December 2004 Explosion Tried to take out both himself and Chris Warner in an explosive murder-suicide, however Chris was rescued by Dom's sister, Toni, just in time. Dominic confessed to his murders before passing away from severe burn injuries
Brett Valentine 15 December 2004 HCM Came to Ferndale to inform his brother Craig that Scarlett might have the condition if she's Brett's child, not Craig's - only to die of it whilst in Ferndale
Norman Hanson 28 October 2005 Car Accident Lost control of the car after hallucinating a bird which is a bad sign after he interfered with Tapu - he died later as a result of his injuries
Ian Jeffries 28 February 2006 Fell off Cliff It remains unclear whether Ian committed suicide due to his Kennedy's Disease, or slipped and fell off the cliff 
Li Mei Chen 5 July 2006 Stryker Virus She contracted the virus from a patient and later discovered she was showing symptoms - she eventually died when her organs started to shut down and the team couldn't save her
Huia Samuels 11 October 2006 Car Bomb Got in Ant Richard's car for a meeting and died in a car explosion intended for Ant by Scott-Spear Pharmeceuticals. She was pregnant and her unborn baby was also killed
Gary Davis 25 June 2007 Cancer Brenda's ex-husband dies of cancer, leaving Brenda with hope of getting custody of her son, Lachlan
Claire Solomon 9 July 2007 Strangled Found murdered in a hospital skip by Mark and TK after being missing for 2 days - it later turns out that she was the first victim of the Ferndale Strangler, Joey Henderson
Meg Harris 14 August 2007 Strangled Found murdered in the skip behind the IV - Meg is the 2nd Victim of the Ferndale Strangler - Joey Henderson
Jay Copeland 27 August 2007 Strangled Found murdered by Alice and Kip - Jay is the 3rd Victim of the Ferndale Strangler - Joey Henderson
Beth Wilson 28 September 2007 Strangled Body was found a week after she went missing. Beth was the 4th victim of the Ferndale Strangler - Joey Henderson
Brenda Holloway 31 October 2007 Lethal Injection After discovering the culprit behind the cardiac arrests, she is murdered by a man with a halloween mask by Lethal Injection - it's later proven that Brenda is the 5th Victim of the Ferndale Strangler - Joey Henderson
Joey Henderson 5 March 2008 Fell off Building Cornered to the top of the building by the police and Kieran, Joey jumps to his death to escape police capture
Toni Warner 12 June 2008 Cardiac Arrest Suffers renal failure due to losing a kidney earlier in the year, it later turns out her renal failure was caused by a faulty drug issued by Scott Spear
Craig Valentine 2 September 2008 Beaten to Death Beaten to death by Don Lennox and Whitetails thugs after trying to expose Scott Spear - his body was put in his car and set alight to look like an accident
Kelly Piper 8 October 2008 Pneumonia Kelly died due to complications of being born prematurely, suffering from pneumonia and renal failure
Betty Crawford 11 December 2008 Lethal Injection Was Granny-Dumped by her family for Christmas, Ethan Pierce lethally injected her with Potassium to use her body for bone harvesting
Sterling Haldane 19 December 2008 Lethal Injection Ethan Pierce's business partner, Haldane, was found in the trunk of his car after being lethally injected by Ethan Pierce to cover his tracks regarding his bone harvesting operation
Ethan Pierce 19 December 2008 Fatally Shot Shot in the chest 3 times by a mystery shooter - it is revealed several weeks later that Maia Jeffries shot and killed Ethan
Ryan Smith-Reynolds 30 July 2009 Car Crash Daniel lent Ryan TK's car for his illegal MP3 selling deal - however Ryan crashed the car and ended up in a coma. Daniel was informed weeks later that Ryan had died
Shanti Kumari-Scott 19 October 2009 Eptopic Pregnancy Oliver Ritchie accidentally infected her with Dengue Fever, which masked the symptoms of her eptopic pregnancy - she died in theatre
Alison Raynor 12 November 2009 Drowned In August 2010, Alison's son, Phoenix, came to tell Chris that Alison died in a yacht accident the previous year and that Chris was his biological father
Don Lennox 10 December 2009 Fatally Shot Craig's murderer was brought into ED with a gunshot wound, when Chris operated on him he realised who it was but was unable to save him
Morgan Braithwaite 18 December 2009 Hit & Run Kieran put a passed out, drunk Rachel in the passenger seat of her hire car and drove off with her after his brother, Sean, however he hit and killed Morgan on route, framing Rachel and fleeing the scene - Rachel was later cleared when Sean confessed - Kieran confessed months later before falling to his death
Ben Goodall 8 June 2010 Brain Hemorrhage Received an unprovoked blow to the head by some thugs in a fight involving Hunter who was also stabbed - Ben later deteriorated and was pronounced brain dead
Warren Briggs 1 July 2010 Drug Overdose Appeared dead at Scotty's after warning him someone was trying to kill him - it later turned out he was murdered by Penny Rourke
White Dragon 2 August 2010 Fell from Cliff Fell off a cliff after an altercation with Kieran and Sean Mitchell
Kieran Mitchell 2 August 2010 Fell from Cliff Hanging off a cliff with his brother Sean, after an altercation with White Dragon, but sacrificed himself to save Sean after admitting to killing Morgan. His body was found months later
Lars Hammett 3 March 2011 Heart Attack After Brooke slept with him for his research, Lars died of  heart attack in the bathroom, his body trapping Brooke in the shower - she managed to steal his research after Isaac came to the rescue
Nadia Hammett 20 June 2011 Car Crash Died in a car crash after Winston confronted her about Brooke stealing Lars' research - Brooke suspected Winston killed her but it turned out he was traumatised from witnessing the accident
Jill Kingsbury 16 January 2012 Stabbed Accidentally stabbed  by a security guard when trying to stop Hunter from robbing a pharmacy for drugs
Hayley O'Neill 21 May 2012 Bludgeoned Bludgeoned to death by abusive boyfriend, Drew, Chris was arrested for the murder until Phoenix managed to get Drew to confess months later
Gus Afeaki 14 December 2012 Melanoma Vasa nursed him at her house and they fell in love, but his family moved him to a hospice where he died just before Christmas
Luke Durville 30 January 2013 Brain Tumour Diagnosed just before marrying Bella, but they married and decided to travel in his final months. However Luke passed away before they set off
Travis Corfield 11 December 2013 Hit & Run Vasa was arrested as the prime suspect in his murder, however it turned out that mentally unstable, Bree Hamilton did it for his money
Josh Gallagher 13 January 2014 Crush Injuries Risked his life so that they could rescue Roimata from the rubble after he caused an explosion at the Warner Bach, but he was crushed and killed
Roimata Ngatai 13 January 2014 Exsanguination Bled out in theatre as a result of her crush injuries from the Warner bach explosion
Brett Franklin 30 June 2014 Bludgeoned Murdered by his son, Toby, after he was about to kill Kane, his body was buried as a cover up, but Toby later confessed to the murder
Effie Sommers 7 July 2014 Deadly Virus Was infected with a deadly virus after treating an infected patient, despite her best efforts, Sarah was unable to understand the virus and save Effie in time
Sarah Potts 18 August 2014 Deadly Virus Was infected with the same deadly virus that killed Effie when Rachel was infected by a broken needle, which cut Sarah's leg. Sarah isolated herself determined to find a cure but her MS relapsed, weakening her body, she found a cure and saved Rachel's life but was too weak by this point to be saved herself
Caleb Potene 20 July 2015 Lethal Injection Murdered by ex-wife, Pania Stevens so she could be with TK. She manipulated him into taking an overdose ad then finished the job off by injecting him with Propofol. She covered it up by getting his body cremated but was later caught after Kylie worked it out.
Pixie Hannah 19 August 2015 Pneumonia After recovering from cancer, the chemotherapy weakened her immune system. She jumped into a river to rescue her boyfriend, Harry Warner, but developed Pneumonia. She was too weak to fight off the infection.
Len Cooper 14 December 2015 Fatal Gunshot Wound Shot by crazy gunman, Gareth Hutchins, who held up the hospital cafeteria by gunpoint - Boyd & Wendy stepped in to treat him but it was too late and he died from his injuries
Wendy Cooper 19 January 2016 Brain Haemorrage after surgery for a Gunshot Wound Involved in the hospital shooting by Gareth Hutchens, Wendy tends to husband, Murray's gunshot wound before collapsing due to her own gunshot injury in the stomach. Boyd operates on her successfully but she suffers a brain hemorrhage after surgery and her family pull the plug.