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Apartment Block

The Apartment Block debuted in 2007 and the first flat in the block became the home for newlyweds, Mark and Tania Weston. Libby later moved in after breaking up with Kieran and Mark moved out after splitting up from  Tania. The flat became the main home for the Jeffries' sisters and later became Nicole and Maia's flat.  After Nicole and Maia broke up, Maia moved out and Jill Kingsbury moved in to help Nicole with the rent. Nicole later moved next door to Maxwell's and Callum moved in with Jill. After Jill died, Hunter briefly moved in with Callum before going to rehab. After Callum left the flat became empty for a while, although Brooke had her eye on it. Brooke eventually moved in and for a while, Bree and Annette moved in. After Annette left and Bree tried to kill Brooke, Brooke talked Sarah and Tillie Potts into moving in for a while. After Brooke married Boyd, he moved in, and when the two settled into their marriage, Brooke kicked Sarah and Tillie out. The flat is now the home of Brooke and Boyd Rolleston.

Shortly after Tania and Mark moved into their flat, Kip moved into the flat next door. Not long after this, Scotty moved in, and later his fiance, Shanti. After marrying, Scotty and Shanti move out and Zimbabwean doctor, Xavier moved in for a while, much to Kip's reluctance. However, Xavier soon left and not long after Kip moved to Rarotonga with Alice, making the flat empty. As a hospital staff flat, Callum promised the flat to girlfriend, Brooke Freeman, however when they are fondling on the floor of the flat, the new tenant, Maxwell Avia, new Head of ED walks in. Maxwell and Brooke argue over who should have the flat, and eventually agree to both stay there. However a few months later after an argument, Brooke attempts to kick Maxwell out, resulting in her getting kicked out herself. Maxwell's girlfriend, Sarah Potts and her son, Daniel later move in, and a room is saved for Maxwell's daughter, Ula. Daniel ends up flatting and Sarah moves out when she breaks up with Maxwell. Nicole later moves in with Maxwell and Gabrielle Jacobs rents one of the rooms for a while. Nicole and Gabrielle eventually move out and after learning Ula is pregnant, Maxwell invites Ula and ex-wife, Vasa to move in. Maxwell later moves to Hong Kong and leaves the flat for Ula and Vasa.  Briefly Vinnie Kruse, Gus Afeaki before his death and later Jared Afeaki all stay at this flat for a short period of time, and Roimata later moves in right up until her death. Ula moves out to start flatting, but later moves back in when her mother becomes a murder suspect. The flat is currently the home of Vasa and Ula.

Balmoral Prison

Various characters have either visited or been prisoners at Balmoral prison over the years. Tai Scott went there, and ended up getting Scotty and Tracey caught up in a prison riot there. Chris was later sent there for a few months when he was arrested for Hayley's murder and became Gus Afeaki's cellmate. 

The Bug Bar

A bar that was opened to oppose the IV in late 2010. Sophie found out the owner had a sex offense record and sent it to the newspapers, which resulted in the Bug Bar losing business and eventually shutting down.

Callum's Flat

This is the flat opposite Hunter's flat which Callum bought and moved into after selling the McKay house due to it being too big for one person. Callum later moved in with Jill, and rented the flat out to his mother, Mona for a while, during which time she irritated the other tenants in the building. The set hasn't been seen since Callum left in 2012.

Central Hospital

Central is the rival hospital to Shortland Street, a slightly bigger and better funded hospital. The show gives the impression that Central Hospital is a much larger hospital located near Shortland Street. During 1999 the impression was given that Central was a private hospital, as Shortland Street was at the time, this is due the fact that a partial merger took place between both hospitals. In 2010, William Nungent attempts to make Shortland Street a satellite of Central which Rachel and Callum fought to prevent. Central are also competitive netball rivals to Shortland Street and in 2013 Seth Packhurst attempted to push Rachel out of her job and become dual CEO of both hospitals, before later being arrested. 

The hospital has only actually been seen a few times, it was where Guy Warner was treated after his car accident in the start of 2008. And later, as it has a bigger maternity ward it was where Alice was taken when she gave birth to Kelly, Morgan gave birth to her triplets in the same maternity ward the following year. 

Dogs Day Inn

A bar run originally by Geoff Greenlaw. This bar became the new local bar in 2001 after Lionels bar closed down. This bar contained a restaurant and hotel. In 2003 Nick and Waverley took over the Dogs Day Inn after winning the bar in a poker match and were shocked to find Geoff's body in the freezer.

El Rancho

Originally appearing in 2004, El Rancho is a dirty flat that Li Mei Chen, Jesse George, Nelson Copeland and Vinnie Kruse originally lived in, it later became the flat for Kieran Mitchell, Claire Solomon and Libby Jeffries. However, after Claire was murdered and Libby and Kieran broke up, Joey Henderson and Gerald Tippett moved in. This became iconic as It later turned out that Joey was the Ferndale Strangler, and freak fans kept coming to the flat to get a glimpse of the life of Joey. Libby moves back in when she gets back with Kieran, however when they broke up again he moves into the IV. Morgan Braithwaite later moves in, and eventually married Gerald, making El Rancho the Tippet household. Flatmates included Hunter McKay and Aroha Reed. Gerald moved out when their marriage broke down and Nicole Miller moved in, later revealing herself as Morgan's sister. Gerald ended up moving back in, only for Morgan to be killed, and when Nicole upped and left for several weeks, Gerald tried fining new tenants, only to be told the rent was being raised and he was evicted. The set was discontinued after Gerald moved out.

Ferndale High School

Ferndale High is the local public high school of Ferndale. Students have included Rachel McKenna, Nick Harrison, Delphi Greenlaw, Scarlett Valentine, Sophie and Hunter McKay, Daniel Potts, Ula Levi, Phoenix Raynor, Jasmine and Evan Cooper and most recently Toby Reynolds and Kane Jenkins

Harrison Household

Household of Nick and Jenny Harrison in the 90s. Hone Ropata and Rachel McKenna have lived there at separate occasions..

The IV

The IV is the bar across the road from Shortland Street hospital. It first appeared in October 2006 when Jay Copeland took over as manager. The IV contains a bar, restaurant and upstairs accommodation. After Jay was murdered by the Ferndale Strangler, Kieran decided to buy the bar. The IV became involved in Kieran's dodgy dealing after he worked with the Whitetails on some dance parties, they insisted that Kieran do some money-laundering through the IV. Kieran pretended to sell the bar in 2009 after his reputation had a bad effect on business and Nigel Tippett briefly took over as bar manager. Kieran later "sold" the bar to his dead brother Syd, before his other brother, Sean appeared posing as Syd, and threatened to set the bar on fire. Sophie briefly became the owner and manager of the IV after hus husband, Kieran's death, before Brodie and Murray Cooper went into partnership to buy it. However Brodie got into financial trouble and the Coopers ended up buying his half of the bar, becoming sole owners of the IV. In 2012, Roimata was sexually assaulted in the alleyway behind the IV and in 2013, Josh Gallagher rigged the wiring of the bar at a fundraiser causing Bonnie to get electrocuted. 

IV Central

IV Central was a bar near Central Hospital which Kieran bought in partnership with Ethan Pierce. The bar was known for it's dodgy dealings with the whitetails and money laundering, and after Ethan Pierce was murdered, Kieran sold it due to lack of business.

Jeffries' Residence

This was the house which Yvonne lived in from 2006-2011 but was hardly ever seen on screen. In 2010, Ben Goodall moved in there with Yvonne until his death, and on the same day as Ben's accident, we see a garden party held there as a celebration of Yvonne and Ben's relationship. The garden is known to be much bigger than the house inside.


Kennedy's was the show's first main bar, and was bought by Declan Kennedy in his wife's name in 1993. Carrie latersold the bar to Alex McKenna when Declan was imprisoned and Alex later sold the bar to Jenny Harrison in 1995. in 1996, Jenny sold the bar back to Alex McKenna who gave it to her daughter Rachel as a 21st Birthday present. Rachel renamed Kennedy's as the R-Bar soon afterwards.

Libby and Gerald's House

This was the house that Libby and Gerald finally agreed on moving into in late 2008 after months of disagreeing, and rented out the spare room to Dr Oliver Ritchie. Despite the house rule, Libby started dating Oliver, who held her hostage in the house and infected her with dengue fever as an experiment before she was eventually rescued by Scotty and Chris. After the ordeal Libby couldn't face going back to the house so she and Gerald move out and Oliver is arrested.


The name of the bar run by Lionel Skeggins, this was the successor to R-Bar run by Rachel McKenna. Lionels had a 1970s style retro fit and continued to run after Lionel exited the show in 1999 right up until 2001 when the bar was closed down.


Matekino, translated as "Bad Death", was the name of the house which Scotty and Shanti bought as newlyweds. They wondered why they were able to get the house so cheap and soon realised it was the crime scene of a murder suicide, and there were still patent blood stains in the walls in the bathroom. Shanti became convinced the house was cursed when she learned about a number of previous deaths that had happened in the house, including the death of a baby and insisted on a ceremony to lift the Tapu from the house. Shanti and Scotty spend months renovating the house, and Scotty's brother, Tai briefly stays there on Home Detention. Oliver Ritchie later moves into the house when the couple need a flatmate to help cover bills and accidentally infects Shanti with Dengue fever. Shanti dies shortly after the infection and Oliver moves out to give Scotty space to grieve. Tracey later moves in to offer Scotty support and ends up staying. They later fall in love and one day find Warren Briggs dead in the living room (adding to the house's death toll) After returning from America, pregnant, Sarah Potts moves into the spare room, and stays on after Scotty and Tracey end up marrying in the garden. Sarah lives there for a while, but eventually moves out. The house is briefly re-introduced in 2012 when Luke Durville buys the property for him and Bella, however Bella sells the house shortly after Luke's death.

McKay Household

Previously the house of Sarah Potts and Claire and Andrew Solomon, the McKay's moved into this house when they arrived in 2006. Originally home to all four McKay's, and occasionally the visiting mother of Callum, Mona. Gradually the family members started moving out, starting with Justine when she went into witness protection and later Hunter. Rachel moved in after starting a relationship with Callum, but later moved out when she went back to Chris, and after Sophie left to travel the world, Callum was left in the house by himself. He ended up selling the house and buying himself a flat in 2011 and the set was retired when he moved out.

Neilson Household

The original household of Marj Neilson, Tom Neilson, Stuart Neilson and Darryl Neilson. Marj sold the house in 1993 a few months after Tom went missing.

The Nurses Flat

This is the only original set still in the show after more than 20 years. Originally this was where Sam Aleni and Steve Mills resided. In 2007 Sarah and TK bought this property and it became their married home. It has a sleepout out the back and Sarah and TK had many people stay there, including Wiremu and Tane, Daniel Potts and Brooke Freeman. Sarah moved when when she declared the marriage over and Brooke moved in on TK. Brooke later moved out when they broke up. While TK was away, Brooke house-sat the flat and Gerald moved in temporarily, before marrying Libby. Brooke ended up staying, and Roimata later moved in, before marrying TK. Brooke eventually moved out, and after Roimata had an affair, TK kicked Roimata out. Sarah ended up moving back in with Tillie after Brooke kicked her out and the two reconciled their relationship. When Sarah went to Chicago on an MS trial, Harper moved into the spare room for a while.

The Nurses' House

This was the house that Kylie, Emma and Lana agreed to buy after a widowed patient of Kylie's decided to sell it. The three initially argued over finances but eventually bought the house. Lana spend ages renovating the house, with the help of Kylie and Evan Cooper, only to get a job in America and end up moving out. Kylie and Emma end up renting the room out to Ula Levi, and Emma kicks Kylie out for cheating on Evan with Vinnie, causing Dallas to move in for a while. Toby Reynolds, Emma's half-brother and Kylie's nephew shows up and decides to live in the house with Emma as his guardian. When Dallas moves into Emma's room, Kylie moves back in, and Dallas later moves out after breaking up with Emma. Ula ends up moving out to be with her mother and although Evan initially intends to move in himself, he ends up letting Bella move in. Nate stays on the couch for a few days before moving to the Pennlington.

The Pennlington

Pennlington, The - An upmarket restaurant and hotel, characters who have a lot of money to spend will often plan to take their dates there. A popular choice of restaurant for Chris Warner.

Potts Residence

This was the house that Sarah moved into after breaking up with TK and after renovating it with the help of Maxwell, Daniel Potts later moved in as well. However Sarah and Daniel had some major issues with the neighbours and after one of the neighbours assaulted Daniel, Sarah and Daniel moved out and went to stay with Maxwell.

Pierce Residence

This was where Ethan Pierce lived. Alice stayed there for a while when the pair were dating. This was where Ethan was eventually shot and killed.

Potts Primary Care Clinic

This was the commercial property that Sarah rented out after she bought the PCC. Employees included Reuben Fitzgerald and nurse Wendy Cooper and Sarah also planned to rent some of the property out to dentist Henry Mapasua before he turned out to be a con man. After Reuben left, Sarah eventually found a new GP, only for him to end up buying Sarah out. 

Q Road

A fictional road never seen on the show but is suggested to be a red light district. The name Q'Road is a take on K'Road in Auckland.

R Bar

Originally called Kennedy's, this was the local bar run by Rachael McKenna during the 1990s until it was sold to Lionel in 1998. The bar was given a 1970s retro refit and renamed to Lionel's in 1998.

Shortland Street Hospital

Originally a private clinic in the 1990s, run by CEO Michael McKenna, Shortland Street, the main focal set for the show, was converted into a public hospital in 2001 and has gone through many re-designs, the ED was very recently redecorated in March 2014 featuring more of the blue from the logo.


Sugar is the café positioned opposite the hospital and next to the IV and is direct competition for both the IV and hospital cafeteria. The set first appeared in 2004 and characters who have either worked there, or trialled to work there, include Sophie McKay, Loren Fitzgerald and Ula Levi.


The Coffee Shop was a local meeting place for hospital staff as it was located close to the hospital. It was joined to a Gym and was featured for many years. It was originally run by Gina Rossi and after her departure Lionel Skeggins. At the shows beginning in 1992, all coffee shops scenes were filmed on location at an existing venue. Later, a purpose built set identical to the on location venue was constructed in the filming studios.

The Student Flat

After getting kicked out of med school Brodie found this scabby, cheap student flat in 2010. He managed to talk Hunter and later Penny Rourke into moving in. After Penny is arrested for being a serial killer, Daniel Potts moves in. The flat is later bought by Rachel and Callum as an investment, only for the flat to be burned down in a fire containing Callum, Rachel and Chris at the end of 2010. The flat gets a revamp and Brodie moves out when he skips town to avoid drug lords. Vinnie later moves in, and after Hunter and Daniel move out after the 2011 cliffhanger which sees Hunter a drug addict and Daniel with a severe head injury, Nicole and Lana both end up moving in. Lana eventually leaves to buy a house with her best friends and after trialling Dallas, Kylie briefly moves in after a falling out with Emma. Kylie later moves back to the house and after breaking up with Emma, Dallas eventually moves in. 

Toroa House Boat

This was a residential boat which heavily featured in the 1990s. Guy and Carmen lived there for a while and it was where Carmen died. Darryl Neilson also died after falling off the boat in an argument with Kirsty Knight. 


This was the University which several character have attended over the years, including Sophie and Hunter McKay. Ashton Fuller was one of the lecturers there, and briefly dated Sophie before he ended up stalking her. 

Valentine Household

 Originally the house of Meredith and her son Andrew in 1992 but more recently the household of Craig, Jake and Scarlett Valentine and Alice Piper. The set was discontinued after Craig's death in 2008.

Warner Mansion

The Warner mansion first appeared in 2004 as the family home of Chris and Toni Warner. Toni fell down the stairs here in 2005, causing her to miscarry. Chris has had his many girlfriends stay here, including Brooke Freeman, Libby Jeffries, who accidentally set fire to the place in 2009, causing it to need a revamp, Gabrielle Jacobs and eventually Rachel McKenna. Also the home to Harry Warner, and before departing off to Europe, Phoenix Raynor. Isaac Worthington also stayed here during his time in Ferndale before his exit in 2011.