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Gus Afeaki

Joe Folau

12 July 2010 (4531), 2 July 2012 (5029) - 7 December 2012 (5145) (Deceased)

Gus Afeaki was a gang affiliated criminal who held an injured dairy owner hostage in his own dairy. Maxwell Avia entered the dairy against police protocol, and successfully convinced Gus to hand himself into police. 

In 2012 Chris discovered Gus was his cellmate in prison and though the two initially clashed, they soon found an understanding together. After a situation in prison meant that Gus would be in danger, Chris teached him how to fake an appendicitis, and got a favour from corrupt surgeon, Bree Hamilton, to perform the surgery so that Gus would be safe out of the prison for a few nights. however, after the surgery, Bree diagnosed Gus with serious skin cancer. It turned terminal and Gus eventually reconciled with his gang member son, Jared Afeaki and controversially fell in love with his nurse Vasa Levi. After being forced out of Vasa's home, Gus died surrounded by his family in December 2012.