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Harry Warner

Joshua Thompson, 2002

Callum Campbell Ross, 2002–06

Henry Williams, 2006–2009

Reid Walker, 2009—Present

2002 - Present


Harry was born in a cloud of mystery with the identity of his father being unclear. It was not until Rachel McKenna had him DNA tested that the father was revealed as Chris Warner. In 2003 Harry went missing and it was soon revealed he had been kidnapped by a mentally unstable Donna Heka. The following year he was kidnapped again, this time by Toni's former flame, Logan King. In 2004 Harry and Toni were kidnapped by Toni's deranged brother Dominic in an attempt to kill Chris. Harry caused trouble for Chris and Toni in 2006, when his tantrums climaxed in him biting Huia Samuels hand. Toni fled Ferndale in 2007 and took Harry with her but upon their return, the family scraped death in a dramatic car crash.

After being reunited with Chris, Harry gets torn between his parents who argue over custody and his schooling, however Harry is devastated when his mother dies of a sudden illness. Harry later is forced to put up with Brooke Freeman when she dates Chris, and Brooke bullies Harry and gets him into trouble with Chris unnecessarily. Harry later bonds however with Chris' next girlfriend, Libby Jeffries, and then goes to Italy with Chris. 

On returning from their 2 month trip to Italy - Harry has undergone a face lift with the infamous Harry Warner cast change of 2009, and from here on is played by Reid Walker. Harry is disappointed Libby is moving out, however later bonds with Chris' new girlfriend, Gabrielle Jacobs, after a rocky start to her parenting. Gabrielle soon leaves, and Harry bonds with his uncle Isaac who comes to stay.

When Chris discovers he has another son, Phoenix, and invites him to stay, Harry is reluctant to share his father, and calls Phoenix a stupid farm boy, ripping up his drawings. Harry eventually accepts Phoenix after he moves from St Barts to Ferndale High.

However when Rachel McKenna eventually moves in after her relationship with Chris goes public, Harry takes an instant dislike to her. This is worsened when Chris goes away and Rachel is put on parenting duty, Harry makes it his mission to make Rachel's life difficult, including driving her car and crashing it into somebody else's. This takes a climax when Rachel smacks Harry's bottom in a moment of rage, and later goes around telling everyone that she hits him. However when Harry realises Rachel isn't going anywhere, the two eventually reach a mutual respect for each other, and in later years Harry admits he loves Rachel and hates when his dad hurts her.  Harry is left with Rachel again in 2012 when Chris is arrested for Hayley O'Neill's murder.

In 2013 Harry frequently complains that Rachel and Chris are always working and never spend time with him and Phoenix, however he is devastated when their family day out leaves Chris with a serious head injury after falling from a flying fox.  Harry becomes seriously ill after the Halloween party when he decides to drink a potion he's made from poisonous leaves, he's rushed into ED and stopped breathing for 45 minutes, in which time TK prepares to call it and give up, however when Chris forces him to carry on, Harry eventually begins breathing again. Harry's also involved in explosion at the Warner bach Christmas party caused by Josh and killing Josh and Roimata, however he comes out unharmed.

In 2014 Harry develops a dislike to Grace Kwan when he believes she's having an affair with Chris, however when he learns they're actually having a baby together he runs away, and it takes him time to accept him. When Brooke tells Chris that Grace lost the baby, Chris and Rachel decide to bring Harry on their honeymoon.

In 2015, Harry develops a crush on fellow footballer, Pixie Hannah, and they soon become friends. However, not long after this, Pixie is diagnosed with cancer in her leg and both Pixie's dad, Mo and Harry's dad Chris suggest that they stop spending time with each other as he may end up getting hurt. However, Harry proclaims he is in love with Pixie and the pair start officially dating, making Pixie Harry's first girlfriend. Harry supports Pixie as she undergoes treatment and as she starts to recover she opts to spend her birthday weekend with Harry and his family at the bach. However, Harry slips into some water whilst out with Pixie and she goes in the water to rescue him. Chris eventually rescues them both but they were in the water for a long time and due to Pixie's chemotherapy her weakened immune system caused her to contract pneumonia. Unfortunately Pixie's body is too weak to recover from the pneumonia and she passes away a few days later, leaving Harry devastated. Harry attends Pixie's funeral and still spends time with Pixie's brother Jack occasionally to keep her memory alive. 

Harry has been referred to as the, "most annoying character on the show."