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Hunter McKay

Lee Donoghue



Hunter arrived to New Zealand with sister, Sophie in December 2006 and instantly got in trouble with airport security, much to parents Callum and Justine's anger. He had a brief fling with Scarlett Valentine but started to bully her, resulting in Scarlett attempting to murder Hunter by dribing a car into him. Hunter began a modelling career, which received a lot of attention when Hunter was in a revealing safe-sex campaign, causing people to think he might be gay.

 Hunter began to get bullied by gay schoolboy – Nate, who had a crush on him. He started a controversial relationship with Nate's mother Tess which ended when he proposed. In 2008 Hunter starts working for Kieran at the IV, and ends up getting involved in the dodgy dance parties as a first aid officer, where he develops a rush on nurse Morgan Braithwaite. Lter in the year, heused the fake death of Justine to guilt Morgan into a relationship, however he is unable to accept her decision to become a surrogate mother, and they break up. Hunter's attempts at a career in modelling abruptly ended in 2009 when he realised the huge drug culture in the industry and he briefly dated nurse Aroha Reed before joining medical school to become a doctor.

Working with the Ambo's Hunter begins dating nurse Tracey Morrison, and is devastated when ex, Morgan, is killed in a hit and run, and is angry when the prime suspect, Rachel McKenna is invited to stay in his house by father, Callum. Hunter and Tracey later break up when she feels they are at very different stages in life. Hunter is later stabbed with a needle by a drug addict. Faced with possible HIV, Hunter was outcast by his colleagues and when he was stabbed by a thug in May, in an incident that kills colleague and friend, Ben Goodall, he finally discovered he did not have the disease. He started to date flatmate and orderly Penny Rourke but learned she was a murderer and turned her into the police.

In 2011 Hunter started to date Jill Kingsbury, but stress and competition with rival Paige caused Hunter to take ADHD medication. He found himself increasingly reliant and started taking harder drugs when Jill left him for Callum. Hunter eventually was dropped from medical school and Jill ended up dead when Hunter robbed a pharmacy for drugs, whilst his best friend, Daniel is left with a severe head injury. Struggling to cope with sobriety, his awaiting trial and disappointment from Callum, Hunter departed to Hastings to attend rehab in March 2012, finally on good terms with his father.