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James "Scotty" Scott 

Kiel McNaughton 

19 March 2007 - 11 August 2011


James Owen "Scotty" Scott first appeared in a guest stint in March 2007. He was hired as the temporary replacement for Toni Warner's nursing manager duties and instantly clashed with Maia Jeffries due to his apparent homophobia. He returned in a permanent role later in the year, and whilst initially coming across as a hard task master, began showing his softer side to nurse, Shanti Kumari, and after a few months of denying the attraction, the two began to date. Scotty became a suspect in the Ferndale Strangler case after CCTV footage of his car driving off directly after Beth Wilson the night she was killed.

When Scotty finds out that Shanti has an arranged engagement with her family friend, Dinesh Jivani, the two eventually break up for a period. However, when Shanti gets together with Dinesh, he realises he wants to be with her, and he shows up at her house, proclaiming his love. Scotty and Shanti become engaged and she moves in with him at his and Kip Denton's flat near the hospital. After earning the respect of all members of Shanti's family, Scotty and Shanti eventually marry in a four-day Hindu ceremony. 

Scotty and Shanti buy a house with several problems with it, and later discover that a string of deaths and a murder-suicide had happened in the house, and Shanti insists on a ceremony to lift the tapu on the house. Trouble brews when Scotty's brother, Paddy, now known as "Tai" arrived at their doorstep, asking them to let him stay there on home detention. Scotty is talked into it by Shanti, although the two brothers continually clash, and Scotty is gutted when he learns that Tai is receiving Adult Literacy lessons. Tai ends up back in prison after being involved in an armed robbery. 

Scotty is shocked to discover his sister, Becs is working as an escort, after he sells her house to overcome their financial situation, and does his best to convince Becs she can have a better life. He and Shanti also attempt to adopt Rebecca's children, Amy and Jesse, in light of Rebecca's career choice. Late in 2009, Scotty and Shanti agree to get a housemate, to help with their mortgage, and Dr Oliver Ritchie moves in. However Shanti soon becomes ill, and after Oliver nursing her for a while, she overcomes the fever, only to discover she is pregnant. However shanti is later rushed into ED with stomach pains, and they discover she has an eptopic pregnancy, Shanti dies in theatre, leaving Scotty devastated. 

To help him overcome his grief, good friend Tracey Morrison moves in, also to help cover rent and bills. Scotty later realises he has feelings for Tracey and after the pair are held up in a prison riot whilst visiting Tai, they admit their feelings for each other and begin dating. Several months later, new orderly, Penny Rourke arrives and starts causing trouble for Scotty. Initially Tracey believes Penny has a crush on him, but when Tracey goes away, Scotty starts to become ill, unaware that Penny is poisoning him. Penny helps nurse him when Scotty is bed-ridden, and feeds him sleeping tablets before 'accidentally' setting fire to his blanket, in a murder attempt. Tracey later arrives and manages to save Scotty from a close call. Scotty is later kidnapped by Penny, forced into the boot of her car, and later held at gunpoint, forced to dig his own grave. Penny then reveals she is actually Paula Sinclair, the daughter of the man on Scotty's team who died from friendly fire in East Timore. Scotty reveals that Paula's father raped his girlfriend and wasn't the saint she thought he was, Penny is devastated and escaped when Tracey and Sarah arrive to save Scotty. Penny is later arrested. 

Scotty, however continues to become paranoid and confused, unbeknownst to him as a result of Penny's poison. He and Tracey get engaged, and they invite his mother, Hine Ryan, to visit, who Scotty initially struggles to connect with and Shanti's mother, Shobna arrives for the anniversary of Shanti's death. When news breaks out that some prisoners had escaped, Scotty becomes paranoid that Penny has escaped and is trying to kill him. He starts hallucinating that Tracey is an imposter put there by Penny and he tries to kill her more than once. This hits a climax at the end of 2010, when Scotty is eventually hospitalised and diagnosed with a brain tumour, a result of Penny poisoning him. Scotty has brain surgery, the tumour is removed and Scotty recovers, however he is afraid of hurting Tracey and initially breaks up with her, she eventually talks him around and they get engaged again. 

Scotty and Tracey agree to start trying for a baby, however Tracey has some fertility problems. The pair are thrown when an old friend of Scotty's from East Timore, Angkasa arrives with her son, Kitu. Angkasa arrives needing surgery, however is later diagnosed with end-stage cancer and passes away. After briefly believing Scotty might be Kitu's father, he and Tracey agree to adopt Kitu, and the couple get married in a small garden ceremony before deciding to move to East Timore with Kitu. At their leaving do they announce that Tracey is pregnant. 

In 2012 Sarah Potts announced that the two had given birth to a baby daughter and the couple soon sold their house to Luke Durville.