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Jill Kingsbury

Natalie Medlock

2011-2012 Deceased

Jill was the always travelling, British born bureau nurse who was Roimata's best friend. She arrived stirring trouble for ex-boyfriend, Daniel Potts, by flirting with him, despite him being in a relationship with Sophie McKay. When Sophie kindly told Jill to back off, she got the message, and started dating Hunter McKay. The two had a difficult relationship, as Hunter spent all of his time studying, and never found time to spend with Jill.

Things were further complicated when Jill's ex boyfriend, Regan Ames, came to town, and it was revealed that Jill and Regan had previously been involved in armed robbery and assault. Regan frequently attempted to win Jill back, much to Hunter's disapproval, but when he revealed he had a terminal illness, he won Jill's sympathy, who promised to offer her support. Jill and Hunter's relationship turned sour when Hunter slept with his med-student friend, Paige Munroe, his best mate, Daniel Potts new girlfriend, and his drug supplier. Jill was devastated and the two split up, however, Hunter never really got over Jill, and this fueled his addiction to Paige's ADHD medication.

Regan's games caused endless trouble for Jill, and soon after breaking up with Hunter, she found herself comforted by his father, Callum McKay, the two initially hid their feelings, but eventually revealed they had feelings for each other, and began dating in secret after Regan attempted to steal $100,000 from Callum's bank account, later resulting in Callum and Jill being kidnapped by drug lords who were working with Regan. 

Jill was the bridesmaid at TK and Roimata's wedding, and though still keeping her relationship with Callum secret, Hunter saw them kissing in secret at the wedding, and in fury, later crashed his car, causing an accident which several characters were involved in. Jill offered her support to Roimata, when TK left their wedding to be with his ex-wife and newborn. After this, Jill and Callum's relationship was made public by Hunter, and Jill lost the respect of a lot of the staff, for sleeping with the boss. She later proved her commitment to the relationship, by asking Callum to move in, and then had to deal with his disapproving mother, Mona, when she came to town.

Aware of Hunter's drug problem and feeling guilty for her contribution to it, Jill became very concerned at the end of 2011 when her and Daniel realised Hunter might be planning to rob a pharmacy. They go to the pharmacy to stop him, which results in Daniel receiving a severe blow to the head, and later brain damage, and Jill is accidentally stabbed by the security guard, in the 2011 cliffhanger. At the beginning of 2012, Jill subsequently dies from her injuries, and Callum holds a memorial for her in the hospital.