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Nicole Miller

Sally Martin

23 September 2009 (4338) - Present



Nicole first appeared in September, when Maia saw her at the IV and there was an instant attraction, it was much to Maia's surprise when Maia was interviewing nurses the next day, and interviewed Nicole. Due to Maia's attraction, she initially decided not to hire Nicole, but when the other applicant dropped out, Scotty insisted Nicole was hired. Whilst Maia was initially harsh on Nicole, the nurse was befriended by Morgan Braithwaite, and the two became close quickly, after Nicole ended up moving in with Morgan, following her marriage break up with Gerald. 

Maia, Hunter and Gerald started to become concerned when Nicole started becoming obsessed with Morgan, and after the revelation that Nicole was bisexual, they believed she had a crush on Morgan. However, when Morgan confronted Nicole about it, Nicole revealed that she was actually Morgan's half sister. Morgan was devastated by Nicole's claims, and bluntly rejected her, causing a hurt Nicole to hand in her resignation, however, when Morgan had a change of heart, and accepted Nicole as her sister, Nicole agreed to stay on.


Nicole had an ongoing will-they-won't-they flirtation with Maia, which was further complicated when Maia confessed to Nicole she was guilty of murdering Ethan Pierce. At the end of 2009, Morgan was killed in a hit-and-run, and Nicole discovered her body, alongside Hunter and Gerald, leaving them devastated and grieving. Rachel, who was initially implicated as the hit and run driver, and too drunk to remember otherwise, showed up at Morgan's wake, to offer her apologies, and Nicole lost her temper, and attempted to strangle a vulnerable Rachel, who believed she deserved it. At Kieran and Sophie's wedding, Libby reveals Kieran was the culprit, however his brother, Sean takes the rap, causing Nicole to apologise to Rachel. Early in 2010, Nicole enters into a relationship with Maia,who supported her through her grief over Morgan. However, when Nicole realises she can't compete with Maia's murdered wife, Jay, she flees back to Tauranga to stay with her, mum, brother and Nan.


After Nicole phones Maia drunkenly one night, Maia and Gerald decide to take a trip to Tauranga to visit Nicole. Upon arriving they realise she hasn't told her homophobic mother that she is bisexual, and has been dating family friend, Mike. Maia pushed Nicole to be honest with her difficult mother, and eventually Nicole tells Leanne that her and Maia are more than friends, causing her mother to give Nicole an ultimatum, her family or Maia. Whilst Nicole initially stayed with her family, she showed up at Maia's door the next day, and the two get back together, and begin living together.


Nicole does some bureau work, before being offered a position back at Shortland Street. Nicole, amongst the other nurses develops detestation towards the hospital's new administrative program, Helga, which causes the nurses to have their shifts frequently changed at the last minute. A fed up Nicole talks orderly, Daniel Potts into hacking into the program, so that the nurses would get lost of overtime. Rachel later finds out, firing Daniel and suspending Nicole without pay for 2 weeks, when Nicole does some Bureau work at Central. Some of the staff members put together a Netball team, and the pressure is on when they have their first match against central, they feel particularly betrayed when they discover Nicole is actually playing for Central, and Shortland Street loses the game, Nicole later becomes Shortland Street's star netball player. Nicole and Yvonne have several disagreements over the social club, which eventually results in Nicole taking over from Yvonne as Social Club President, causing tension between Nicole and her girlfriend's mother.


Nicole and Maia are both excited when new attractive surgeon, Jenny Mason starts at Shortland Street, and both befriending her straight off, the two tease each other by having an ongoing flirtation with the straight doctor. However Maia's flirtation turns into a genuine attraction and the two end up kissing, causing Maia to cheat on committed Nicole. Maia dumps Nicole for Jenny, only for Jenny to flee town, and Maia asks Nicole for another chance. At the same time, Nicole's difficult mother comes to visit, determined to be more accepting of Maia and Nicole, initially unaware of their relationship difficulties. Nicole eventually breaks up with Maia, who leaves to Sydney with Jay Jay and Yvonne. Coerced by her mother, Nicole ends up jumping straight into a relationship with next door neighbour, Maxwell Avia, in early 2011.


Nicole and Maxwell dated for several months, in which time Nicole bonded with his daughter, Ula, and offered relationshio advice to her, as well as supporting her when she found out she was pregnant. However, Maxwell ended up sleeping with Australian ED doctor, Bethany Hall, and although initially attempting to forgive him, the couple eventually split. Nicole moved in with best friend Vinnie Kruse, and Lana Jacobs. After a drunken night in, Nicole confessed to Lana that she was attracted to her, and dealing with a mutual attraction, Lana ended up kissing Nicole. Lana was then confused about her feelings and avoided a hurt Nicole for a while, but later the two agreed to start dating. As part of the show's 20th anniversary celebrations, Maia and the other Jeffries returned to the show for a brief stint, in which time Maia confessed her love for Nicole, and asked to get back together. However, when Nicole was involved in a helicopter crash in the 2012 feature-length episode, breaking her leg, Lana proved loyal by her side, and Maia accepted defeat. Lana and Nicole broke up shortly afterwards.


At the beginning of 2013, Vasa Levi was stood down as Director of Nursing following her relationship with patient, Gus Afeaki, and Nicole was offered the D.O.N role. After Vinnie's relationship with Emma ended, people started commenting that Nicole and Vinnie were acting like an old married couple, and the two began to acknowledge they had feelings for each other.After a period of resistance, the two began seeing each other, however when Vinnie was stuck in a lift with Kylie he realised he was still attracted to her, thus ending things with Nicole. Nicole was later upset to find out that the break-up was down to Kylie, wondering why she is always destined for betrayal. Later in 2013, Nicole starts dating a patient's relative, Bonnie, after the girl was electrocuted in an incident at the IV. However, when Nicole realises Bonnie is much more invested in the relationship than she is, Nicole breaks up with her, later inviting everyone to a special event, in which Nicole decides to marry herself, committing herself to a life of singleness and no more heartbreak, Vinnie is devastated by this turn of events, later admitting to Nicole that he is in love with her, however Nicole tells him he's too late, and that she's already made the commitment to herself.


At the start of 2014, Nicole attends Rachel and Chris' wedding, where it became clear that Nicole and Vinnie still had feelings for each other. However, concerned that TK would cheat on Sarah with Harper, Nicole intervenes, and ends up drinking until late with Harper, the two begin talking about bisexuality, and end up kissing. The next morning, they wake up in bed together, and agree to see where things go.

A few days later Nicole gets a call from her family and heads down to Tauranga with Vinnie to sort out a family feud. Nicole realises she's still in love with Vinnie and they kiss. However Nicole's mother and brother end up at her doorstep back in Ferndale, and after finding a residential home for Eric, and realising that Leanne no longer wants to be Eric's carer, Nicole considers becoming his carer herself. In the end, Eric is happy to move to a home, and Nicole is shocked when Leanne gets a job at the hospital and proves herself there to stay.

Nicole and Harper's relationship continues to go well except for the complication that is Vinnie. After months of to-ing and fro-ing, Nicole realises she wants to be with Vinnie when she hears he might be moving to England with his son Michael, and she risks everything to tell him she loves him, breaking Harper's heart. However not long into Nicole and Vinnie's relationship, she finds out she's pregnant, and Leanne moves herself into the flat to play babysitter to Michael and prepare Nicole and Vinnie for the baby.

Not long into Nicole's pregnancy, Michael's mother, Jemima, returned having split from her husband and in a state over the break up. Nicole agrees to go to Australia with her to support her whilst she deals with the divorce and dividing up her and her husband, Rolo's, business. During this time away, Jemima has a breakdown, so Nicole stays in Australia with her for an extended period. They return later in the year and when Vasa moves to Akatea, Nicole is promoted to Director of Nursing once again. As her due date approaches, Rachel asks Nicole who she would recommend to take over as DON whilst she's on maternity leave. Nicole originally suggests Vinnie, but when Wendy accuses her of nepotism, Rachel decides to give both Wendy and Vinnie a week in the job to prove themselves. When Vinnie's week doesn't go so successfully he takes a Charge Nurse job elsewhere for a few weeks to prove himself. However, Nicole feels obliged to recommend Wendy for the position, as she had see more evidence of Wendy being ready for the role. Nicole is surprised when Rachel decides to hire Vinnie anyway, against her recommendation but based on his references from his Charge Nurse job. 

Nicole receives a scare just before Christmas when she gets knocked over in the hospital at full term. After being checked over, she is given the all clear and discharge, only to later go into labour. In the 2014 season finale, Nicole gives birth to a healthy baby boy, only to have a major afterwards. In the start of 2015, Nicole is still in a coma following her seizure and her family and friends rally around her hoping that she'll wake up. She is later weaned off the machines and gradually starts to wake up in January 2015. When she makes a joke about Leanne and Ula's bickering, they are relieved to see evidence of the old Nicole being back.

Nicole slowly recovers from her head injury, with a weakened side she is careful around Pelé, with a slight case of post natal depression she struggles to connect with her son initially. However as she gains confidence she insists on babysitting alone when Vinnie is called into work, however her weak side gives way and she accidentally drops Pelé. Although he is fine, Nicole again loses confidence. As she regains strength and confidence, Nicole gradually returns to work and eventually back to full time. However, when some payments on her credit card are made that she doesn't recall, Nicole and her family fear it is a result of her head injury. However, when Lucy and Kylie reveal similar things have happened to them, Nicole becomes convinced there is a fraudster and begins investigating a potential female culprit with blonde hair and a black coat. Leanne becomes concerned that Nicole's denial could be potential symptoms of Schizophrenia, brought on by the head injury and whilst Vinnie disagrees, Nicole accepts it is a possibility and goes to rehab. However, during this time the woman in the black coat is identified as a patient's daughter and reprimanded, proving Nicole to be of clear mind and health after all. 

Glad to be of sound mind after all, Nicole proposes to Vinnie and they start planning a wedding. However, Nicole's over-enthusiastic mother, Leanne, takes over the planning and so Vinnie and Nicole decide to plan their own low key wedding in secret and surprise everyone with it at the last moment. When Leanne finds out they have gone behind her back she decides to abandon the wedding and go visit her boyfriend overseas, causing Harper to rush to the airport and convince her to change her mind at the last moment. Vinnie's cousin and Nicole's ex, Maxwell Avia, officiates the wedding which take place in their home.

As Nicole returns to work full time, trouble with Michael causes Vinnie to rethink his priorities and he steps down as DoN with the decision to cut back his hours. Nicole puts her hand up for the job under the assumption it would be automatically given to her as it was her job before she took maternity leave, however Rachel asks her to apply for the job as it is being advertised. Vinnie leaves Nicole in charge during a crisis in an attempt to prove to Rachel how capable Nicole is, however Rachel is unimpressed with the game playing. In spite of all that, Rachel does reappoint Nicole Director of Nursing. Harper asks Nicole to be one of her bridesmaids alongside Rachel and Victoria and they all prepare for Harper's big day. However, as they are en route to the venue, they receive news of a gunman at Shortland Street and travel back to the hospital. Nicole is relieved when Michael is able to escape the hostage situation, but terrified as both her mother and husband are still at risk of being shot.