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Phoenix Raynor

Geordie Holibar



Phoenix was born to Alison Raynor and her divorced husband, Chris Warner. Alison decided to keep Phoenix a secret from Chris and the two lived in America. After Alison grew sick of the American schooling system, she and Phoenix travelled to New Zealand and lived on a farm. In November 2009 Alison died on a yacht and Phoenix was taken in by her uncle Brian.

Chris learnt in August 2010 that Phoenix was his son and after a DNA test, he adopted him. Phoenix struggled to get on with half brother Harry but befriended Evan Cooper. New girl Ula Levi spread a rumour that he was gay after he rebuffed a kiss from her but the two later dated briefly in 2011. He dumped her for Evan's sister Jasmine but when he went to the farm to visit Brian, Phoenix cheated on Jasmine when he had a one night stand with Suzy. They eventually got back together at Phoenix's 16th birthday party, however he was shocked when Jasmine died for several minutes on his lap due to her Long QT syndrome and later struggled to cope with her newfound morbid personality causing the two to break up numerous times. Phoenix ultimately ended the relationship when he developed an unrequited crush on Megan.

Phoenix later developed a brief crush on his maths tutor, Hayley O'Neill, who initially led him on by kissing him, however she later turned the tables on him by accusing him of stalking her. Phoenix fell out with Chris for believing Hayley over him, and determined to develop evidence that she's obsessive and manipulative, Phoenix films her, however when Hayley realises, she secretly replaces the footage with a video of her showering, portraying Phoenix to look like a pervert. Chris continues to believe Hayley over Phoenix, which sends him into an emotional state, and he eventually moves out with Rachel. However Phoenix was shocked when Chris was arrested for Hayley's murder and struggled to accept his protest of innocence. However he ended up freeing his father when Hayley's true killer Drew kidnapped him and Phoenix got him to confess.

In 2013 Phoenix began to date popular schoolgirl Britney Buchanan but the two broke up after meddling from new girl, Dayna Jenkins. Phoenix soon turned against his family lifestyle and took up street art to express his true beliefs. This however lead to near legal trouble and in November, Phoenix decided to leave Ferndale to study at a Berlin university for art. Only a month after his departure, Chris revealed that Phoenix had dropped out of the school and had taken to traveling the world. In 2014, Chris stated that Phoenix would not be returning for his wedding but would rather attend via video chat.