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Roimata Samuels 

(Née Ngatai) 

Shavaughn Ruakere 

26 January 2011 - 13 January 2014 (Deceased) 

Roimata was brought in as a fluent Te Reo speaking Mâori love interest for TK Samuels, during Sarah's absence. She started out as a bureau nurse and was reconnected with old friend, Jill Kingsbury. Roimata was immediately attracted to TK, and the two soon began dating. Their relationship quickly grew serious, and TK also helped Roimata to overcome her fear of water, even encouraging her to start swimming lessons. 

Roimata received a shock when TK's ex-wife Sarah returned to Ferndale, 4 months pregnant with TK's baby. The two girls clashed as they were both vying for TK's attention, and thus began a love triangle between the three characters. This became quite comedic when Roimata's hen night was arranged on the same night as Sarah's baby shower and Roimata was devastated when TK abandoned their wedding to go be with Sarah after giving birth to Tillie. Roimata and TK later married whilst on holiday on what was supposed to be their honeymoon. 

When Sarah had a severe MS relapse and goes to rehab, Roimata and TK look after Tillie, during which time Roimata takes time off work, and significantly bonds with Tillie, to the extent where she becomes attached and emotional over the baby girl. Roimata is later devastated when best friend, Jill is accidentally stabbed and killed by a security guard during an altercation regarding Hunter. Several months later, TK and Roimata agree to start trying to start a family. However, at Roimata's 30th birthday celebrations at the IV, TK is called back into work, leaving Roimata to make her own way home. Outside the back of the IV, Roimata is sexually assaulted by an anonymous assailant. Roimata is deeply traumatised by her ordeal, and initially pushes TK away, putting their family planning on hold. Roimata and TK are later harassed, and the police believe the harasser is Roimata's attacker. 

In the start of 2013, Roimata, TK and Josh all work out that Zac Smith was Roimata's attacker, and after taking a few months to prove it, Zac is eventually arrested. However, during the ordeal, Roimata and Josh had become very close, and had fallen in love. Roimata initially suppressed her feelings for Josh, however she eventually succumbed, and they begin a steamy affair behind TK's back. When Roimata and TK visit the family marae, Josh follows Roimata down there to spend time with her, however when a car accident means the clinic needs an extra doctor urgently, Roimata is forced to call Josh in, revealing their affair to TK, who throws Roimata out. 

Roimata moves in with Josh and they begin dating publically, causing tension in ED. However Josh smothers Roimata, trying to make her feel helpless and need him, and they eventually break up, leaving Roimata vulnerable after all that has happened. Roimata struggles when she learns Sarah and TK have reconciled,and she considers leaving Ferndale, however Sarah and Vasa talk her around. Late in 2013, Roimata and Harper become concerned about Josh's behaviour, and suspect he may have Hero Syndrome, they eventually uncover enough evidence to prove that he was poisoning Wendy, and Josh is arrested. However, Josh gets bail and turns up at the Christmas party at the Warner Bach with a bomb. When Roimata discovers the bomb she tries to disconnect it, however upon realising there are only a few seconds to go, she runs away, getting caught in the blast. In the start of 2014, she is pulled out of the rubble, and later dies in surgery as a result of her injuries, her funeral is held off screen.