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Seth Packhurst

Toby Leach

5 October 2011 - 8 July 2013

Seth Packhurst first appeared in late 2011 in a guest role. He was the District Health Board member who replaced Shane Tucker as the hospital's representative. He first appeared when Chris Warner demonstrated remote surgery disastrously. In 2012 Seth became temporary CEO after suspending Rachel McKenna but after trying to fire Bree, he began to get blackmailed by her. Sarah Potts angrily confronted Seth when she believed he was pretending to date her, only to discover he was gay and in the following few months, the two became best friends. 

After becoming CEO of Central, Seth became involved in a bitter political battle with Rachel for the dual CEO position of both hospitals, (CEO and Central), which eventuated in Seth using his boyfriend Henry to spy for him. Seth eventually ousted Rachel from her position by manipulating staff into a vote of no confidence and eventually became CEO of both hospitals. However, in his attempts to privatise the hospital, against the staff's support, he became involved in insider trading and was handed into police by Rachel through Henry's help.