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Shanti Kumari-Scott

(Née Kumari)

Nisha Madhan

16 May 2007 - 23 October 2009 (Deceased)


Shanti was the Indian nurse who stayed with her aunt and uncle and first appeared in 2007. She was slightly clumsy and ended up embarrassing herself in front of new Director of Nursing, Scotty, on more than one occasion. She later realised she was attracted to Scotty, who insisted he must keep his personal and professional lives separate, before eventually admitting he liked her, and the two began dating. Maia appoints Shanti acting Charge Nurse when she goes on maternity leave.

Shanti was shocked when her betrothed, Dinesh Jivani arrived from India and got a job as a surgeon at the hospital. Shanti and Scotty argued over Dinesh and briefly broke up. They later got back together and tried to marry in secret without her family finding out, however Shanti's brother, Sunil, works it out and he and her Uncle Vijay stop the wedding. Shanti briefly dates Dinesh, only to realise he doesn't compare to what she had with Scotty and Scotty later earns the respect of Shanti's family and they become engaged again, with Shanti moving in with Scotty and Kip.

Shanti's entire family come down for the four-day Hindu wedding, and afterwards Shanti starts to get irritated living with slobby Kip, and she and Scotty start looking for a house together. They later buy a house only to find there have been several deaths there over the years and Shanti insists on a ceremony to lift the Tapu on the house. When Maia is sectioned, Shanti is once again appointed acting Charge Nurse and is later disappointed when she's demoted on Maia's return. Shanti and Scotty later discuss pregnancy, however when they realise their financial situation, agree to hold off. In order to help with their finances, they invite new doctor, Oliver Ritchie to rent out their spare room, however, they become suspicious of his privacy and when Shanti eventually enters his room she is unwittingly stung by a mosquito infected with Dengue Fever.

She later contracts the fever, suspecting it is regular Flu, and Oliver looks after her, however when she finally recovers, she realises she is also pregnant. However when she has severe stomach pains the next day, she is rushed into ED and diagnosed with an eptopic pregnancy and later dies in theatre. Later it is revealed that Shanti had been infected with Dengue fever which masked the symptoms of her eptopic pregnancy.