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Sophie McKay

Kimberley Crossman

2006-2011, 2012


Sophie arrived in December 2006 and instantly got into trouble with customs much to parents - Callum and Justine's horror. She started a blog in 2007 and attracted the attention of tourettes sufferer, Angus but became smitten with Nate who she lost her virginity to after wrongfully accusing Luke Durville of being a serial killer. The two broke up when it turned out Nate was gay and had a crush on Sophie's brother - Hunter. Sophie ended up in a relationship with Angus but they broke up when she was involved in a street racing event that left Tane Samuels paralysed from the waist down. She later had a one night stand with paraplegic - Tane.

In 2009 she became head girl of Ferndale High and after briefly dating bully - Orlando, Sophie started to date Daniel Potts. However an increasingly unhappy Sophie started a secret affair with older man Kieran Mitchell. The relationship was eventually outed to the family and the two got engaged. At the end of 2009, Sophie's school friend, Lucy, starts excessively drinking and ends up in ED with alcohol poisoning after Sophie and Lucy make cocktails in the IV after closing it to the public. Lucy is later determined to move out of home, and gets a job in Kieran and Rebecca's brothel, causing Sophie to find out about Kieran's part in Rebecca's brothel.

Despite the intervention of Kieran's brother - Sean, Sophie and Kieran finally married in March 2010. Sophie started to lose trust in Kieran and months later the couple separated, only for Kieran to die. A devastated Sophie got back together with Daniel and took up a PA job at the hospital kudos to Rachel. In 2011, after jealousy over Daniel's ex - Jill and her worldwide knowledge, Sophie kindly broke up with Daniel and departed Ferndale to travel the world.

In 2012 Callum announced Sophie had finished traveling the world. She made a brief appearance on 25 May 2012, when her father left the hospital to take him to visit Hunter.