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Tania Jeffries

Faye Smythe

2005-2010, 2012


Tania first arrived in 2005, as Maia's youngest sister. After getting a job at the hospital, Tania initially had a spark with Vinnie Kruse, however she began dating doctor Mark Weston, until he cheated on her, when she moved on to Anthony Richards, who worked for dodgy pharmaceutical company, Scott-Spears. Tania developed an addiction to Zolopam, which Ant fueled by supplying her with more and more of the drug. In 2006, Tania thought Ant had died, when she saw his acar blow up in the car park, when Ant later appears in secret, she realises Huia had been killed, but Ant was the intended target, and therefore he had to flee the country. 

Tania later reconciles with Mark, and helps him overcome his sex addiction. The couple later marry, and Tania agrees for Mark to become a sperm donor for her lesbian sister, Maia. When the first attempt fails, Tania withdraws her consent to try again, but Mark and Maia go behind Tania's back, and Maia becomes pregnant. The stress of the secret causes Mark to fall back into his old sex addiction habits, which results in him sleeping with drunken nurse, Meg Harris, on his 30th birthday, the same night that Tania reveals to everyone she is pregnant. Meg's body is found the next day, and Mark becomes a suspect in the murder. The investigation causes all Mark's lies to come out, and Tania kicks him out, and terminates her baby. She also rejects her sister Maia, later resulting in Tania slapping Maia in public a the hospital. The two eventually reconcile when Tania helps Maia give birth in her car, and suggests they name the baby Jay, after Maia's dead wife.

After humouring an ongoing friendship with Joey Henderson, Tania begins dating Kip Denton, which upset Joey, and Tania, unbeknownst to her, narrowly escapes being murdered by him, the Ferndale Strangler. Tania and Kip date for a while, and he helps her to overcome her trust issues after Mark,  however when Hone Ropata makes a shock return to Shortland Street, Tania falls madly in love with him, and they begin a brief affair. Kip, unaware of this affair, later proposes to Tania, only for Hone to reveal himself minutes later, breaking Kip's heart. Tania plans to move to Africa with Hone but in the end he leaves her behind, again leaving her devastated.

Tania's next encounter is the whitetails gang member, Kingi Te Wake, despite her friends and family firmly warning her off the gang member, Tania discovers a softer side to Kingi, however when he hits her in a fit of rage, thing almost end between the two. They reconcile when he explainz he had become a police informant, but when the gang leader, Kane Harvey learns that Kingi and Tania snitched, Kane kidnaps them, almost raping Tania, before they're narrowly rescued by Tupac Evans. However when Kingi sees the bigger picture, he realises Tania's better off without him, and Kingi leaves Tania for good.

Tania begins dating new ED consultant, Maxwell Avia, however when he reveals he is more attracted to Tracey than herself, just before inviting her to bed, she is insulted and walks away, only to later discover Tracey has decided to start a relationship with Maxwell, leaving Tania feeling betrayed, and damaging their friendship.

When Tania's mother is involved in a bank heist with paramedic Ben Goodall, Yvonne decides to set Ben up with Tania, and the two eventually begin dating. However the two are frequently aware of how different they are, and when Tania doesn't appreciate Ben's short story as much as Yvonne does, he breaks up with her, and eventually starts seeing Yvonne in secret. When Yvonne eventually tells Tania the truth, all hell breaks loose, and a drunken Tania announced her mother's relationship with Ben to everyone at the Christmas party, before wandering off, followed by Morgan, who is subsequently killed in a hit and run.

Eventually Tania forgives her mother and Ben, and begins dating hotshot surgeon, Isaac Worthington, she initially breaks up with him because she isn't ready to commit, but when he promises to take things slowly, she accepts him back. Tania also goes with her mother to Ben's funeral, when he dies of a brain hemorrhage after a car park fight.

Isaac struggles to fight off the temptations of Chris' girlfriend, Zoe Archer, and eventually sleep with her, cheating on Tania, only to find out he's been used by Zoe to get back at Chris for botching her son's operation earlier in the year. Tania is devastated and goes to America to spend some time with sister, Libby.

Tania returns, having to fight off the advances of both Isaac and Luke Durville, and begins dating TK, although this ends as quickly as it begins, as she realises his ex-wife would always come between his relationships. Later in the year, Luke's younger, wayward brother, Rafe comes to town, and he and Tania fell in love. Initially having to hold off because of Luke, they eventually get his blessing and head off to start a clinic abroad together.

Tania returns in 2012 for Yvonne's birthday party, and the 20th Anniversary Celebrations, revealing her and Rafe are still very happy doing missionary work together in third world countries.