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Here are some facts and trivia about Shortland Street

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* In episode 3977 Roz, played by Lucy Von Sturmer is credited as Roz Braithwaite, however in later episodes she is credited as Roz Bainbridge – Braithwaite later becomes Morgan’s surname.

* In 2008 & 2009, Shanti's family's surname is known as Kumari, however in 2010, Scotty and Tracey refer to them as the Kumars.

* In episode 3485 during the dialogue between Tom Hern (Baxter Cormack) and Rod Lousich (Gus Cormack), Gus becomes the first character on the show to swear in a scene using the word bullsh*t.

* Shortland Street has a reputation for making the British male characters the bad guys. Examples include: Jack Hewitt, Kieran and Sean Mitchell, Leo Hofstetter, Tristan "Dante" and Warwick Collinger, Regan Ames and most recently, Josh Gallagher.

* 4 Actors have received awards for their performances on Shortland Street in the New Zealand Film and TV Awards:

          - Best Actress, Jaime Passier-Armstrong (Jay Copeland), 2006

          - Best Performance by a Supporting Actor, Owen Black (Ethan Pierce), 2009

          - Best Performance by a Supporting Actress in General Television, Rena Owen, (Hine Ryan), 2011

          - Best Performance by an Actress, Amanda Billing (Sarah Potts), 2012

* The recurring character, Ms Laurel Dupree, principle of Ferndale High is played by the show's casting director, Andrea Kelland

* Scenes shot in location for Ferndale High are filmed at Waitakere College

* Katherine McRae first appeared on Shortland Street playing Jane Fitztgerald, the illegitimate daughter of Marj Neilson. After her character left, McRae went on to become a writer for the show before being cast again as Brenda Holloway in 2006. Brenda was killed off in 2007 and McRae went on to become a director for Shortland Street.

* After Rachel's guest return in 2007, Angela Bloomfield stuck around and became a director on the set for a couple of years before one again reprising her role as Rachel McKenna in 2009. 

* In 2007 Shortland Street celebrated their 15 year anniversary, releasing a DVD to mark the occasion, bringing in Rachel McKenna in a special guest return role and bringing in the infamous serial killer storyline

* In 2012 Shortland Street celebrated their 20 year Anniversary, to mark the occasion they brought back a number of characters, including Tania, Maia and Yvonne Jeffries, Libby and Gerald Tippett, Zac Smith and Kimberley Crossman as Sophie McKay. The occasion was also marked with a feature-length episode in which a helicopter crashed into the roof of the hospital.

* Shortland Steet was originally a private clinic, however in 2001 it was revamped into a public hospital.

* To mark the show's 4000th episode, Shortland Street brought back one of the show's original characters, Hone Ropata for a guest stint.

* Shortland Street was filmed at South Pacific Pictures Browns Bay studios in the North Shore, Auckland from 1992 until 2000. After that purpose built studios were constructed in Henderson, West Auckland.

* The working title of the show was The Shortland Street Project, named after its planned filming location in the Television New Zealand-owned studios at 74 Shortland Street in downtown Auckland. The studios however were too small to fit all the sets required and production was subsequently moved to a warehouse in the suburb of Browns Bay, but the name stuck and was truncated to simply Shortland Street.

* The altercation on the roof between Joey and Kieran in episode 3933 actually ripped part of Adam Rickitt (Kieran Mitchell)’s face off, for the next few weeks, the camera only films one side of Kieran’s face.

* Harry Warner underwent SORAS, as he was born in 2002, however in 2010 Chris said to Zoe he would soon be turning 10, pushing his birth date back to 2000, in 2014 Harry is said to be 13, putting his birth date to 2001. 

* Rachel McKenna also underwent SORAS, as she started on the show in 1993, as a 16 year old teenager, suggesting she was born in 1977, however just 3 years later, in 1996, her mother Alex bought the Kennedy's bar for Rachel for her 21st birthday, pushing her birth date back to 1975. This would make Rachel 39 in 2014.