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Vasa Levi

Teuila Blakely

2010, 2011-Present

Vasa Levi was the firesome ex-wife of Maxwell Avia. She arrived in July to take back her daughter Ula but ended up staying when she realised she still loved Maxwell. She departed back to Wellington but returned when Maxwell expressed romantic interest however after a one night stand, Maxwell broke it off. Vasa bought a house in Auckland so Ula could continue seeing her "dad". Vasa returned in February 2011 when she took the job of relieving director of nursing.

She admitted she was still in love with Maxwell but became smitten with Murray Cooper and the two shared a kiss. When Vasa realised she may have broken the Cooper family, she again departed. She took the job permanently in August and was harshly shut down by Luke Durville on a date. In 2012 Vasa had a brief but controversial affair with Zac Smith that lead to isolation from her peers, particularly Sarah and Wendy, who had previously tried really hard to be a good friend to her. As the year ended, she fell in love with terminal patient Gus Afeaki that resulted in her demotion following his death. In 2013 feeling lonely after Gus she decides to try online dating with the help of Roimata. When her ex-boyfriend,Travis shows up to meet up with Vasa, they soon start dating again, much to Ula's disapproval, but when Vasa proposes to Travis,he declines. But then he proposes to Vasa spreading the rumour they're engaged. Travis then hits Vasa and the two drift apart. Days later Vasa forgives Travis but then comes home to find Travis hurting Ula. In pure rage she attacks Travis to defend Ula, the extent that she hospitalises him. He later appears back to get his stuff when Vasa steals $15,000 from him. The last day Travis was alive, he and Vasa split the money. She goes to give the money to the Coopers but an angry Travis chases her. The next day Travis's body is lying in her car park making Vasa the prime suspect for his murder.

In 2014 Vasa becomes a suspect in the investigation of Travis' murder, she is later arrests after Ula tells the police she's guilty, but is later freed when it's revealed that Bree Hamilton is the guilty culprit. Vasa returns to work as D.O.N on the condition by Nate that she trains up Kylie as surgical charge nurse.