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Notable Facts

- Chris Warner has been married to a total of 5 different women (First marriage happened off screen before the show started), 3 of his 5 wives are now dead: Toni, Alison & Tiffany - kiss of death?

- Both of TK's wives died, Roimata & Sarah, meaning TK has the true kiss of death

- Bella has had the most unsuccessful engagements of anyone in the show. She has been engaged 4 times but only married once, meaning she has had 3 unsuccessful engagements: Isaac Worthington, Luke Durville (whom she married shortly before he passed away), Dallas Adams & Jimmy Isaac 

       Date      Bride     Groom                                 Notes
9th.September.1992. May McKenna George Bently Michael believed George was marrying his mother for her money, however this was not the case
1993 Carrie Burton Declan Kennedy They married off screen in Las Vegas
1993 Alex McKenna Michael.McKenna. Vow Renewal to celebrate the pair reconciling
10th November 1993 Gina Rossi Leonard Dodds  
8th December 1993 Talita Palele Sam Aleni They married so that their famillies couldn't keep the pair apart
14th.September.1994. Marjorie.Neilson Laurie Brasch A mixed-faith ceremony presided over by a catholic priest but containing the Jewish rite of Breaking the glass
10th January 1995 Kirsty Knight Lionel Skeggins This was their second attempt at getting married after the first wedding was unsuccessful
1995 Carla Crozier Bernie Leach Offscreen wedding - Carla married into an abusive marriage and later went on to murder Bernie during an earthquake
24th July 1995 Rachel.McKenna. Nick Harrison Despite Nick actually dating Rachel's cousin, Waverley, at the time, they got married hoping to scam a higher student benefit, the marriage ended Nick's relationship with Waverley
25th December 1995 Carmen Roberts Guy Warner Both agreeing to never get formally married, the pair made private vows to each other on their boat, shortly before Carmen passed away from an undetected brain aneurysm
14th February 1996 Tiffany Pratt Chris Warner  
1997 Alison Raynor Chris Warner They married off screen in the states after having a previous failed wedding attempt where Chris was held hostage
28th May 1997 Ellen Crozier David Kearney The marriage marked the shows 5th anniversary.
24th July 1997 Jenny Harrison Ian Seymour Ian later turned out to be a liar and scam artist
20th February 1998 Tiffany Pratt Johnny Marinovich  
11th March 1999 Mackenzie Choat Lionel Skeggins The groom was presumed dead, lost at sea just hours after the wedding
1999 Josie Bergman Luke Billingham Took personal and private vows to each other since they were unable to legally wed.
18th June 1999 Josie Bergman Luke Billingham This was the couple's legal wedding
1999 Rachel McKenna Daniel.Buchanan They married off screen in the States
7 April 2000 Moira Crombie Dean Cochrane  
9th June 2000 Donna Heka Rangi Heremaia This wedding occurred on Shortland Street's 2000th episode
9th October 2000 Tasmin Yates Alan Dubrovsky The two married so that Al could adopt, however ended up falling in love.
2001 Angela Weaver Nick Harrison Decided not to legally marry, took advantage of the empty church after Fergus and Waverley's aborted wedding to make personal and private vows to love each other always in an unofficial ceremony. Angela died of cancer shortly afterwards
4th September 2002 Anne Greenlaw Victor Kahu  
3rd October 2002 Waverley Wilson Nick Harrison Nick had lost the marriage license and forged a new one, thus casting doubt over the legality of the marriage
December/January 2002 Rachel McKenna Jack Hewitt An unstable Jack kidnapped Rachel, forced her into a wedding dress and staged a forced wedding ceremony which Chris Warner eventually rescued her from
13th April 2003 Toni Thompson Matt McAllister Eloped by train for an off-screen wedding
27th June 2003 Judy Brownlee Max Henley Max was dying of cancer and Judy married him just moments before his death
1st September 2003 Emily Bredican Dominic Thompson Delphi Greenlaw attempted to stop the wedding but was locked in a cupboard by Dominic and Toni's mother Ngaire.
25th December 2004 Shannon Te Ngaru Tama Hudson Married on the beach and substituted shells for their lost wedding rings.
16th March 2005 Toni Thompson Chris Warner The candle that represented a long lasting marriaged blew out seconds after the ceremony had ended, suggesting the marriage was doomed
17th March 2005 Waverley.Harrison. Nick Harrison After learning their marriage might not be legal due to Nick forging the marriage license, so to make it up to Waverley, Nick renews vows with Waverley using Chris and Toni's celebrate
24th August 2005 Sarah Potts Andrew Solomon Seconds after the ceremony, Andrew's ex, Robin, turns up announcing she's 5 months pregnant with Andrew's twins
2007 Tania Jeffries Mark Weston The two marry offscreen on a beach spontaneously, upsetting her family that they weren't invited to the do.
14th May 2007 Sarah Potts TK Samuels Sarah initially called off the ceremony because she was still in love with Craig, but after visiting Craig she realised she did want to marry TK and Craig drive her to the ceremony himself
21st July 2008 Shanti Kumari James "Scotty" Scott This was their second attempt at getting married, they married in a four day traditional Indian ceremony, mixed with a hint of Maori culture also
29th April 2009 Morgan Braithwaite Gerald Tippett Morgan insists on marrying during the wedding rehearsal, causing Hunter to be left out which left Chris Warner to be best man
5th March 2010 Sophie McKay Kieran Mitchell Second attempt at a wedding after the police tried to arrest Kieran during the first attempt. Sophie lured her family to their back garden under false pretences so that they could attend the garden ceremony
14th February 2011 Tracey Morrison James "Scotty" Scott Shortly after reconciling, the two married on Valentine's Day 2011 in their back garden.
26th July 2011 Roimata Ngatai TK Samuels After a failed marriage attempt, the couple perform private vows substituing rings for fern leaves before marrying in a small private ceremony
14th December 2012 Bella Cooper Luke Durville Married in a "Winter Wonderland" themed ceremony, despite Luke's diagnosis of a brain tumour the previous night; shortly after the "I do's", Bella's father Murray got run over by a truck driven by TK
8th May 2013 Brooke Freeman Boyd Rolleston Married so that Boyd would be disowned from his overbearing family and so his sister could rightfully claim the family farm instead of him. However, they later fell in love and renewed their vows.
14th November 2013 Nicole Miller Nicole Miller After a strong of bad relationships, Nicole swears off relationships for good in a dramatic ceremony where she marries herself. She takes off the ring only months later to start dating again.
26th February 2014 Rachel McKenna Chris Warner Labelled the "Shortland Street Royal Wedding", the couple married after an on again/off again relationship of over 10 years.
2nd September 2015 Nicole Miller Vinnie Kruse Nicole's mother, Leanne, almost missed the ceremony as she was upset about not being included in the planning and decided to fly to America to see her boyfriend instead, however Harper brought her back at the last minute